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Ohbliv-Rugged Tranquility Cassette
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Rugged Tranquility is Ohbliv's first full length beat tape that was originally released digitally in 2009. All beats are produced by Ohbliv and made on the SP404 and SP303. This release is a very limited run of only 100 cassettes. Each order includes a Thrash Flow die cut logo sticker.

Side A
01 Rugged Tranquility
02 94 Bubble Jacket With The GoreTex
03 Tonight(All Nite Rockin)
04 More2Love
05 Slapboxin' Wit Ya Mama
06 Pennye For Your Thoughts
07 Sharing The Indo
08 Lemme Holla Holla
09 My Heart Can't Take
10 Talk To Ya Dog Like The Son Of Sam
11 Jungle Bunnies

Side B
12 And The Truth Shall Set You Free
13 Black Brigade
14 In Your Dreams
15 JayeMiles
16 Freddie Jackson Suit Wearing...
17 Send It On Down
18 Thirst
19 It Will Set You Free
20 Third Times A Charm

Original Artwork by Leland Jackson
Layout and Design by Ashley Richardson

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