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Ohbliv - MindGarden Cassette + DL CARD
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You ever grow anything in the garden of your mind? You can grow ideas in your mind. You can think about things and make believe things and that’s like growing something of your own. You have wonderful ideas. All you have to do is think about them and they’ll grow…

MindGarden is a forty minute instrumental composition by Ohbliv. For Thrash Flow's debut release, this is a limited run of only two hundred fifty tapes. The first fifty orders will receive a limited gold cassette tape instead of a clear tape. All tapes are hand numbered and include a digital download card. The cassette comes with one bonus track and the digital download comes with a separate bonus track.

Limit one gold tape per order.
(Example: if purchasing three tapes and order is one of the first fifty, one tape will be gold and remaining two will be clear)

Side A:
01 Akashic Outpouring
02 Involved Tones
03 Step To Peace
04 Universe Rally
05 Southside Vibrations
06 Night Care
07 Be True
08 Before Romance
09 OhGirl

Side B:
10 Hazards
11 Things That You Do
12 Nudemotions
13 Cold Blooded In The Game
14 Grow Ideas
15 Chewsticks
16 Windsong
17 Healing Power
18 Longevity **Bonus'

Artwork by Ashley Richardson

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