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Ohbliv is a producer and beatmaker from Richmond, Virginia. His style of instrumental production can be classified as tranquil, soulful hip hop. The sounds of 70's and 80's soul, funk and gospel music heavily influences Ohbliv's melodic instrumentals. Previously, Ohbliv has released “UP” on Huhwhatandwhere, “Zen Vapors” (collaboration with producer Fitz Ambrose) on Cascade Records and released the second Baker's Dozen installment for Fat Beats.  Ohbliv also produced a two volume project for Richmond's Nickelus F and has released many digital projects independently on his Bandcamp page.  
Ohbliv's affiliation with Thrash Flow has been the release of his full length album MindGarden, the limited cassette reissue of his beat tape Rugged Tranquility, and the most recent release of his full length album Raw Spirit Jewels. Below you can preview and purchase releases by Ohbliv.


(Photo: Cheats Movement)