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Full Count: A Short Documentary On Count Bass D
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Count Bass D has been the quintessential underground hip-hop musician for the past twenty years. This film seeks to explore the work, inspiration and motivation of an artist who has gained international attention and acclaim, struggled through setbacks and false starts, and who, over the years, has inspired an entire generation of independent artists still searching for recognition themselves.

How does an artist’s spirit evolve and endure over time? Having reached professional heights, but still forced to grapple with the realities of working class America, Count Bass D occupies an advantageous position to speak on art, life, family and articulate the strange priorities unique to those who abandon stability and certainty to chase dreams.

Download includes:

- HD 720p movie (H.264 format compatible with iTunes or VLC player)
- Film Artwork
- "So Happy" (Bonus MP3 Track)

This film was not backed by any studio or lined up for major distribution deals. Support local and independent art, but please do not upload or torrent this film.

Written by Dwight Conroy Farrell | Directed and Produced by Chris Fiorentini


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