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DJ Harrison

Devonne Harris AKA DJ Harrison is a multi instrumentalist and producer/engineer from Richmond, VA. Devonne grew up in a music loving household.  He began to learn songs by ear on the radio at the early age of 5. His mother encouraged his interest in music so she purchased children's instruments for him to play on and discover. His passion for music continued onward to middle school where he began to play in the concert band; moving from clarinet to percussion and eventually the entire brass section. By high school, Devonne was recording and tracking his ideas straight to cassette. He wanted to play and recreate the styles of music he heard growing up so he could eventually sample himself playing instead of records.
After highschool, DJ Harrison attended VCU in Richmond where he learned music theory. At VCU, he was able to formally study drums, piano and bass and took classes and lessons in composition and arranging.  
Today Devonne produces and releases music under the name DJ Harrison, tours and plays keys/percussion in Butcher Brown, participates and plays gigs daily with other artists and bands in Richmond, and records and engineers music at his studio, Jellowstone Studio.   
(Photo By: Laura Strukl)