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Count Bass D - Dwight Spitz (Deluxe Edition) Digital Download

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Count Bass D - Dwight Spitz (Deluxe Edition) Digital Download
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MP3 Download of Count Bass D's Dwight Spitz (Deluxe Edition).  Also available on Double 2XLP Vinyl and Cassette.


01 Jussa Playa
02 Aural S(ECT)s
03 Gon' Get Yours
04 Antemeridian
05 Postmeridian
06 How We Met (Featuring Edan)
07 Just Say No To Drugs
08 Sanctuary
09 Subwoofer (Dumile)
10 Truth To Light
11 Real Music vs. BULL$#!+
12 August 25, 2001
13 Hello Test Test (Featuring Cana Farrell)
14 Blackman Dreams (Featuring Lil D)
15 Reign Or Shine (Featuring Rayna Shine)
16 Quite Buttery (Featuring MF DOOM)
17 Blues For Percy Carey
18 Seven Years (Featuring Dionne Farris)
19 Ohio Playas (Produced by J.Rawls)
20 Dwight Spitz
21 Make A Buck (Featuring MF DOOM | Produced by DJ Pocket)
22 My First Piece
23 Take Control
24 Coming Soon
25 Beat 4our
26 Snow First, Snow Second, Snow Third (Bonus Track)
27 Nine Years Part 1 (Bonus Track)
28 Nine Years Part 2 (Bonus Track)
29 Real Music vs. Bull$#!+ Part 2 (Bonus Track)
30 Seven Years Bonus Beats (Bonus Track)
31 I'm a Man (Bonus Track)

Art Direction by Dwight Conroy Farrell
Original Artwork by Michael Eades
Reissue Artwork by GODFATHEROFSOL

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