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DJ Crucial - Retro Active Double Cassette
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Thrash Flow and F5 Records are happy to announce the release of DJ Crucial’s "Retro Active" on double cassette with new and unreleased material from 1997-2014. All tracks are straight from the original 4 track tapes, floppy disks and sessions.

Classic heavy-hitting pioneers fill the roster, including Large Professor, MF Grimm, Count Bass D, EDO.G, Casual, Grand Puba, Sadat X, Alps Cru, Black Spade, Jia Davis and Deep Six. All of the beats have DJ Crucial’s consistent homage to the Boom Bap 90's using the SP 1200 and MPC 2000.

This is a limited edition of 200 double cassettes. Tape one is the full Retro Active album on a black cassette and tape two includes all instrumentals on a white cassette. Each order includes a digital download to both tapes.

01 Alps Cru - No Question (SP Remix)
02 MF Grimm (feat. Large Professor) - United (SP Remix)
03 Casual - Essence of Freshness
04 Capo (feat. Jia Davis & Sadat X) - Struggle
05 Edo. G (feat. Jia Davis, cuts by DJ Alejan) - Firepower
06 Tha Grimm Teachaz - I Getz (Summer '93 Remix)
07 Black Spade - Sweetest Revenge (SP 1200 Remix)

08 Alps Cru - Too Steep
09 Count Bass D (feat. Black Spade) - Move Blocks
10 MF Grimm - Streets (Ruff Demo Mix)
11 Grand Puba (feat. Sadat X) - Top Shelf (SP 1200 Mix)
12 Jia Davis (feat. Gotta Be Karim) - The Suffer
13 Deep Six - Verb Burglar (Lost 4 Track Tape Mix 1997)


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